Growing and Reflecting Together

This page is an experiment for the SPCC community to share the ways we are growing by writing reflections and sharing articles. Please share your thoughts/links in a comment box. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Growing and Reflecting Together

  1. This is from Adrienne DeForrest:

    I wrote the following story to the Boulder group in response to an e-mail post of Fr. Richard Rohr sent by one of the members to all of us in the group. I’ve copied/pasted my story from today first, and then the Richard Rohr post afterwards for your reference.

    In the ladies’ restroom at Kaiser Permanente in Lafayette today I heard a little girl’s voice in the next stall, maybe 2 years old like my granddaughter. Her bright voice rang out with happiness as she talked to her mom, I supposed. When they came out to wash their hands the little girl was smiling a great smile as she reached up on her tiptoes to the sink. I laughingly said to her as her mom lifted her up, “That sink is wayyy up there, isn’t it?” As I was speaking I saw the small wheel chair behind them. In the chair was a little boy about 8 years old who couldn’t move or speak, having the recognizable body posture in his chair as a fully paralyzed student I loved at UCP. But the boy’s smile at me as I spoke to his little sister was the smile of a brilliant angel from heaven. I felt like God was at that moment looking right through him and into me.
    I observed these two glowing children, and their mom, and I thought of all that she had done to contribute to their happiness. She must have given and given and given. And in her giving, she was happy and smiling too. I floated out of there in a state of rapture. I waited to hold the door for them, hoping for just one more glimpse, but the cleaning people were at the door with their big cart and they said that they were propping the door open – and the moment was over. Nothing else to do but to go on back to Gary in the waiting room for his appointment.
    But I will carry that family, especially the face of the little boy in my soul for my lifetime and throughout eternity. I know that I saw there all that Richard Rohr and Thomas Merton have written of here –

    • Beautifully written story. Thank you for pointing out the error of our well meaning comments, Erin. I think that I’ve done that a few times, but now you shed a new light of understanding.

    • A good reminder for all of us, and so true. I like the example Rev. Ann used of our familiar rutty roads through the glorious mountain terrain. We try to do our best on the hard path that takes us through our glorious gift of life. Thank you Rev. Ann.

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